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Curso Open Water Diver

The Open Water Diving course will enable you to dive at a depth of 20-25 meters anywhere in globe. The course can be initiated with no previous experience. The only requirements are that you know how to swim, and pass a medical examination prior to beginning any diving course.

The course duration is 4 days consecutively, in person and encompasses both practical and theoretical open water diving. You also have the option to complete the course in 3 days providing that you have completed the theory previously online.

All practice dives are carried out under the supervision of a Certified Dive Instructor.

The first day students are given the text book, CD and Diving Log Book.

This course consists of the theory of diving and diving practice:

  • Theoretical: Dive Material, Diving Laws, Biology, First Aid, Rescue ….
  • Practical: Light Equipment, 1 dive with heavy equipment on the beach, 4 dives (with one  tank each dive) from a boat and with a duration of at least 45 minutes underwater.

This activity is oriented for age groups between 12 to 60 years in good physical condition, and have previously passed a Hyperbaric Medical Examination.

All the material is included in the course, excluding the medical certificate.